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I really appreciate you and how much you've taught me about ukuleles! Im about to get my first uke, it'll be the very first instrument I learn how to play. I was just wondering if at first you found it hard to have the ability to sing and play at the same time? Thanks so much. :)

Thanks for the kind words!

I don’t have the ability to sing at all. Ever! I can barely even talk. So take heart that if you manage to sing anything at all while playing you’re already beating me.

If any singing followers have any advice, please do chime in.

  1. kenh0ff said: It’s sort of difficult to get the hang of singing and keeping up a strum pattern, but don’t get discouraged :) I promise you’ll get it. You can even use the same strum pattern in various ways. It takes practice. Good luck!
  2. starcryer said: It wasn’t easy to sing and play at the same time at first (though it’s harder on guitar). Practice playing a song till you aren’t thinking about your hands so much, and don’t worry about being totally perfect - Then sing. It’s easier on easy songs.
  3. a-li-son said: it takes a while to perfect singing and playing any instrument together, but with practice you’ll get it! I used to play and sing really slowly and when that sounded okay I would speed up a little. Hope that helps!
  4. linanneblack said: Pick a song you know well that has only a few chords in it and practice until you don’t have to concentrate on strumming or fingering anymore. THEN add the singing. It might feel like you’ve forgotten what you just learned, but it will come together!
  5. thingsisawthatilove said: I am a terrible singer but have attempted singing and playing before (once in public!). I found it very difficult. Start slow—even slower than you’ll think you need to. Do it with a friend and laugh about how long it takes you to get up to speed!
  6. monsteroflove said: It takes time, especially if you’ve never played an instrument before. Just focus on playing now, and it will come in time. :)
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